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Source of funding - European Union – ERASMUS+ programme Action KA2 VET

Client: Centoform s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective: BIM project is a capacity building project in the area of VET education, promoting cooperation and partnerships among 6 organizations (VET provider, Regional Authority, 2 universities, private company, European Association) and providing new methods for delivering training addressed to a variety of target groups.
Countries involved: Italy, Finland, Norway + one partner active all over Europe.

The project general aim is to deepen knowledge about Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a skills' development training subject for employability goals, upgrading existing training tools and professional qualifications and creating a network to promote work-based learning with special attention to apprenticeship.

BIM can be defined as a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. BIM softwares are used to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain many kinds of buildings and infrastructures. In Europe BIM is becoming more and more studied in VET schools, VET courses and university courses and applied in companies. It is becoming a new specialization with a high rate of employability.

In Italy this methodology is not jet sufficiently known and spread, while in other EU countries, especially in northern Europe, BIM is already very well know and used: Finland is one of the earliest adopters of BIM, and it has been for years at the forefront of Building Information Modelling; in other northern european countries like Norway BIM research and development goes back to more than twenty years ago, and nowadays it’s one of the leading Countries using BIM with one of the European highest implementation of BIM among architects and installators.

Considering the lack of homogeneous tools validated at European level for training in BIM, this project has the aim of building a bridge between Northern Europe and Southern Europe: Italy will have the opportunity to learn from the European best experiences and consequently update the professional qualification related to building and construction design, while Finland and Norway will have the opportunity to enlarge their international BIM-related network of institution and companies and update their knowledge from mutual exchange of best practices. All together partners will create an innovative tool for training beginners in BIM in a wide range of training environments: high school, VET center, university and companies.

Activities: Project design, support to Project Management

Duration: November 2016 – October 2018

Project website http://www.bim4placement.eu/ (in costruzione)


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Source of funding - European Union – ERASMUS+ programme Action KA2 VET

Client: Centoform s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective: The ILA-LEAN project aims at developing didactic materials to improve knowledge concerning the implementation of Lean Thinking in the workplace. Most companies are aware of Lean Thinking, but it is generally usually only in practice in the production area. Many companies, however, have realized that there is much waste in other areas of the company such as in offices, therefore the knowledge and identification and thus elimination of waste would also be beneficial in these areas. Objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the cooperation among educational institutions and enterprises in EU for better employability
  • Increase the synergic use of up-to-date technologies, in an integrated way, with a team work approach and personal development
  • Improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning of vocational contents on lean in Office and Knowledge of how it works and the workplace
  • Increase the opportunity for distance learning
  • Upgrade and innovate existing training tools.

Countries involved: Italy, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Finland.

Activities: Project design, support to Project Management

Duration: October 2016-September 2018

Project website http://leanacademy.portal.prz.edu.pl/en/projects/ila-lean/

CoTraiN Creating Collaborative Training Networks

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Source of funding - European Union – ERASMUS+ programme Action KA2 VET

Client: Centoform s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective The project, formally supported by Emilia Romagna County, will provide for the creation of guide lines and methodology for businesses, training institutions, schools, governmental agencies, and the impact on four European nations involved starting from the Dual system models of Germany and Austria, countries of European inspiration for work-based learning practices. International and regional meetings will be organized in order to sensitize the business community, schools, young people on project opportunities and competitive advantages for our companies in support of school-work based pathways.

In Italy we will focus on learners attending post-secondary VET training courses (namely ITS, IFTS in Italy) on mechanical subjects. We have been conceiving and discussing with local companies 4 kind of Collaborative training Networks (CTNs) applied to different post-secondary EQF levels (18-30 years old), in order to choose the most significant and sustainable for the testing phase since September 2017 up to 2018.

Activities:Project design, support to Project Management

Duration:September 2016 – February 2019

Project website  http://www.cepag.be/node/2950


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Source of funding - Erasmus Plus

Client: Centro Polifunzionale Don Calabria, Verona (Italy)

Project general objective: The project " SPORT+4ALL. Active and Included", run by Centro Polifunzionale Don Calabria within the framework of the Program Erasmus + Sport - Collaborative Partnership, is one of the 38 projects selected and financed by the European Commission among the 406 candidates projects.

The objective of S + 4ALL is the creation of tools for high quality sporting offer for people with disability at European level. The project lasts 30 months and involves Rehabilitation Centres with sporting activity, Disabled and their representatives, Sporting Centers, sporting Instructors, Physicians and rehabilitation therapists, Physicians and sport therapists and HEPA, Authority for sanitary policy and welfare. The project is realized in partnership by 7 European Rehabilitation Centres, the involved Countries are: Italy, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal, Estonia, Northern Ireland.

Activities: Phorma Mentis participates to the project as external evaluator.

Duration: January 2015 - June 2017

Project website http://www.sportplus4all.eu/


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Source of funding - Cosme Programme EU DG Industry

Client: P.A. Incentive s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective: The project Friendly Beach involving partners from Italy, Spain, Croatia, UK, will work on the creation of accessible touristic tracks for people and families affected by autism. Study visits, training of social workers, SMEs’ practitioners, tour operators will support a process of capacity building aimed at developing inclusive and accessible paths for European touristic sector.

Activities: Project design, External Monitoring and Evaluation

Duration: January 2015 – June 2017

Project website http://friendlybeach.eu/


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Source of funding - European Union – ERASMUS+ programme Action KA2 VET

Client: Centoform s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective: The LEAN project is one of the 23 projects approved out of 276 applications. It aims at strengthening the knowledge about the Lean Manufactoring (LM) as well as updating the existing training tools involving different education environments: high schools, VET centres, Universities and private companies. The project, which will be implemented in two years, will be managed by Centoform as leader partner of an international partnership made up of 9 members: 6 societies representing the Education area and 3 private companies representing the Work environment. In fact, besides Centform, the involved actors are the Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland), Leuven Catholic University (Belgium), University of Harran (Turkey), University of Stavanger (Norway), Mirsa School of Technology (Romania) and the companies FAVA s.p.a. (Italy), Volvo cars (Belgium), Ertekin Motor Ve Pompa San.ve Tic. A.S. (Turkey). LEAN is the result of a local experiences valorization process developed thanks to a strict collaboration among different realities in Cento, in particular the research Centre Centec and the Lean Laboratory located in the school ISIT Bassi Burgatti.

Activities: Project design, support to Project Management

Duration: October 2015 – September 2017

Project website https://www.facebook.com/LEANproject2015/


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Source of funding - European Union – ERASMUS+ programme Action KA2 VET

Client: Centoform s.r.l. (Italy)

Project general objective: GISWELM project is a Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices project in the area of VET education, promoting partnership among 5 organizations (4 VET providers and 1 chamber of commerce) and providing new methods for delivering career guidance addressed to students (16-18 years old).
Countries involved: Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark.

Main goal of the project “GISWELM” is to increase the employability and career perspectives of our students on EU-level by encouraging students to look for employment in economically thriving areas. In order to do so we want to improve their cultural knowledge and awareness to meet the requirements of possible future employers. The project will lead to more qualified and confident future job-seekers, it will increase cultural knowledge among all involved parties and hopefully make local employers aware of the many opportunities in hiring also foreign students and job-seekers in the future.

The project will put the cultural theories and models of Richard Gesteland into a contemporary setting, enlightening the synergies between culture and employability. Concrete evaluation criteria will be developed regarding employers’ needs and what the young must do to become more attractive at the European work market. Participants (students, teachers, companies) will become aware of the importance of cultural knowledge in the process of finding employment.

Activities: Project design, support to Project Management

Duration: September 2016 – August 2018

Sito web https://m.facebook.com/Giswelm/


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Source of funding - Italian Ministry of University and Research

Client: FO.RI.S Formazione Ricerca Innovazione Brindisi (Italy)

Project general objective: APULIA Project aims at developing a modern touristic experience connected to valorization of APULIA Region features like history, food, music, culture through technological development. The project will lead partners to experiment, through an industrial research, new technologies connected to ICT devices and new APPs combining tradition and modernity. The aim is to create a new commercial attractiveness for cultural heritage and touristic tracks in Apulia Region in order to boost economy, innovation and new occupational opportunities.

Activities: Management and financial assistance for the project consortium composed by University Technology Spin offs from APULIA Region, Lecce University, LUISS Guido Carli University and Regional Authorities involved on policies regarding tourism, historical heritage and technological development.

Duration: February 2014 - March 2016

Project website http://www.apuliacult.com/


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Source of funding - European Social Fund Axis Transnationality Poland

Client:Fundacja PEP (Poland-Europe Foundation), Poland

Project general objective: The project aimed at:

  • training trainers and energy specialists on Energy Savings techniques and New Energy Products for building energy efficiency
  • training project managers and VET designers through the experience of Italian VET centres, energy companies and universities.

Project partners: OEIT SEP Oddzial Elektroniki, Informatyki, Telekomunikacji Stowarzyszenia Elektrykow Polskich (Polish Federation of Electronics, Informatics and Telecommunication Associations, Fundacja PEP (Poland-Europe Foundation), Maurilia Knowledge (Consultancy from Spain), Centoform (Training centre from Italy).

Activities: Task: Study visits agenda, logistics and full accomodation, coaching methodology for vocational training in renewable energy sources, training of trainers, preparation of training materials, round table steering, simultaneous translation. Supported activities: 1) Study visit in Italy for trainers and tutors in the field of VET, with focus on coaching techniques applied to middle and lower occupational profiles for people over 50 in the field of renewable energies; 2) study visit in Italy for a group of 12 trainees and 2 trainers specialized in renewable energies installations.

Duration: 14 months (2014-2015)


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Source of funding - Italian Government, Department for family affairs

Client: Cento Municipality, Italy

Project general objective: As a result of seismic events in Emilia-Romagna on 20th and 29th May 2012, the Municipality of Cento (Ferrara), among the hardest hitten areas, saw the rise of the phenomenon of social disintegration and an increase of social weakness for disadvantaged target groups, like third age people. In this situation, fragmented and constantly evolving, social services of the municipality of Cento and all the relevant actors of the territory aim to reach a new social stabilization of the territory, testing and introducing new approaches and tools in order to promote concrete initiatives to support intergenerational integration for positive benefits on the community. General objective: Stimulate the reconstruction of intergenerational ties as a mechanism of social cohesion helpful to the process of post-seismic normalization Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of social policies for active ageing in the municipality of Cento.

Activities: Project design, project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Duration: May 2013 – May 2014

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